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  • Illustrator, "Penelope Pilot and her First Day as Captain" by Lynda Meeks
  • CDK Global Creative Director, Art Director 2012-2016
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio


Rob Christianson
"Do few things but do them well. Simple joys are holy." - Francis of Assisi

Sure I have mad design skills, but so does every other creative you've looked at. So what sets me apart?

I lead by example, contributing by utilizing personal expertise, knowledge, and problem solving skills. Valued by forward-thinking organizations for my authoritative grasp of Digital Marketing, usability and audience-centric design thinking, I view my staff as equals whose consensus thinking provides solutions. (I also hate "marketingspeak" so let's get real...)

Usability and the overall Customer Experience are huge passions of mine. And coffee. And Star Wars. I've been doing branding, graphic design, video and illustration for my entire career – almost 20 years now. I cut my teeth on press checks, color correction, job jackets and Quark XPress. I just missed rubylith and stat cameras. And I've used Photoshop almost every day since Reality Bites came out.

Personality profiles:

  • Myers-Briggs Profile: INFJ
  • DiSC Leadership Style: CS
  • Birkman: Usual Style BLUE (thoughtful and reflective, insightful and optimistic, competitive, enthusiastic, assertive)
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0: Intellection, Input, Adaptability, Learner, Developer
  • H2H Personal Brand: The Connector

Reach out and let's talk over coffee. (I like mine on the Dark Side and strong enough to destroy a planet.)


  1. -
    Creative Director, Available for Hire
  2. -
    Creative Director, CDK Global
  3. -
    Art Director, CDK Global
  4. -
    Sr. UX Designer, ADP Cobalt (CDK Global)
  5. -
    UI/UX Designer, Vote iQ
  6. -
    Senior Designer, Media Partners
  7. -
    Designer, HighPoint Solutions
  8. -
    Designer, HL2

Experience Highlights

  • Creative Director
    CDK Global
  • Art Director
    CDK Global
  • Senior UX Designer
    adp cobalt (CDk global)
  • UX Designer
    Vote iq
  • Illustrator
    "Penelope pilot and her first day as captain" children's book
  • Senior Designer
    Media partners
  • Interactive Designer
    Highpoint Solutions
  • Junior Designer / Production Artist

Education Highlights

  • CORE Leadership Training
  • School of Visual Concepts
    Illustration, TYpography, Poster Design, Life Drawing




Seattle / Tacoma / Orting

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